‘It was with great surprise and pleasure to receive your letter enclosing the cheque for my share in the above estate. I thank you for your professional approach which you have demonstrated thoughout and will happily recommend Genealogy Links UK to anyone. With thanks’.

Geoffrey C G Agg from Tewskesbury 8/8/17

‘I would like to say a huge Thank you’.

Harvey Griffiths 28/7/17

‘I would like to express my thanks to you all for all your endeavours in dealing with the estate of my relative and also for the receipt of share of estate. This side of the family has always been rather distant to myself and ended more or less when my mother told me as a young boy that both my grandparents were dead. No one else seemed to know any further information and it seemed to have all been laid to rest. However, your names on the estate appear to be of interest to me’.

John Parnall London 19/7/17

‘Very professional, and a pleasure to deal with. Thank you’.

John Johnson from Sunderland 11/7/17

‘I would like to thank Beverly for the excellent service provided no fuss no hassle’.

Harry Pankhurst 17/5/17

‘Just a line to say thank you for the cheque I received, you must find it very interesting doing your research but also time consuming. Thank you again and I would certainly recommend your services’.

Joan Patterson from Bolton 5/7/17

‘Thank you very much for my cheque I am very grateful to you all for taking the trouble to trace ancestors of all these years ago’.

Angela Watts Stockbridge, Hants 2017

‘Many thanks for all your work and research, resulting in the share of the estate received. I am very happy with your service and without your endeavours the heirs would not have known about this inheritance at all, let alone benefited from it. On behalf of them all, I thank you and I shall write a testimonial on your website’.

Lynne Nesbit for Bernard Hills Suffolk 21/5/17

‘Thank you for all your work regarding this issue. The cheque has been received and banked’.

Pauline Wakeling for Mrs D M Taylor Colchester, Essex 3/8/17

‘Thank you for the cheque received thank you so much, cheers’

Mrs Beryl Whitworth

‘Thank you for your letter and enclosure. I would like to take up your offer of a copy of the family tree which please’.

Mr H. J. Griffiths

‘Thank you very much for the documents you sent me.  It feels a bit like the lottery as I didn’t know the gentleman donor. I would like to receive a copy of the Family Tree when possible and thank you for the offer’.

Gerald Parnall 17/7/17

 ‘Many thanks for your letter with accompanying cheque which was a lovely surprise.  Yes please, I would like a PDF copy of the family tree.  Thank you for your time spent in unearthing this unexpected inheritance’.

Helen Morton 3/7/17

 ‘I am in receipt of your cheque and reconciliation statement for the disbursement of the estate. I would like to thank you for the professionalism of your organisation in bringing this activity to a conclusion, although I find it somewhat disconcerting that an uncle lived but a few miles away and I did not know him.  Such is life I guess’.

Keith Allan 12/7/17

‘Thank you for your together with cheque. It is obvious to me that you put in a lot of research work on this project, which sadly did not produce a huge reward! For all that work I thank you. However, I guess it is a bit of a “lose some win some”, scenario! Interestingly, it has thrown a little more light on this relative of mine, I wish I had had this info 30 years ago, I could have taken my Dad to see his sister! If you could provide me with any info and links to descendants that would be great, as I would like to try and make contact. Again, many thanks for all your efforts and if I require the help of a Genealogy Company in the future, I will get in touch’.

Tony Wood 27/6/17

‘Many thanks for your last letter and yes, I would please like to receive a PDF copy of the family tree. I will gladly write a testimonial to the link you mention’.

Michael Roger Coverley 26/6/17

‘Thank you for the cheque from the Estate you researched. In your letter you offered a PDF copy of the family tree. I should be pleased to receive one’.

 John Wood 9/6/17

‘Many thanks for your excellent and professional service. The speedy resolution of my claim was much appreciated. Excellent to deal with throughout the process i would recommend the company to anyone’.

Mary Hodgson – UK

‘This has been the first time that I have used a genealogy firm, so didn’t know what to expect. I have been very pleased with what you have uncovered for me. The report was very well presented and easy to understand. I am very grateful to you and your fellow researchers. A thorough and professional job. Thank you and please pass on my thanks’.

Colin Platt, Bedford

 ‘I would like to Thank You for the excellent manner with which you dealt with the estate, from the friendly yet professional communications to the thoroughness and detail, even though there appeared to be many other beneficiaries no doubt receiving similar treatment. I believe that small Genealogy companies, like yourselves deserve to be given the credit where it is due, particularly when to me it seems that it can be very time-consuming for little return’.

Margaret Brindley – Birmingham, UK

 ‘I was more than happy with the service provided and would not hesitate to use your services or recommend you to other people’.

Christine Collett – West Bromwich, UK

 ‘From myself and family we thank you for a excellent and supportive service in tracing all the relatives of my late relative’.

Mavis Howell – Somerset, UK

 ‘I was suspicious at first after being contacted by Genealogy Links UK because I had received a scam letter in the past from another company. After a little research I decided to fill out and return there questionnaire regarding a deceased distant relative. The process took a few months but everything was done in a professional manner and I received a cheque for my part of the estate in due course’.

Nigel Bastable – West Midlands, UK

 ‘Without the help, kindness and patience of Leanne and Bev, I would never have found the family of my son’s father. I have tried to research myself, in the past, coming up with dead ends and not knowing which way to turn. Within days Leanne and Bev had found relatives, I did not know existed. Through this amazing company, my son is now connected to a missing part of his life and a lot of healing has taken place. If anyone is ever thinking of searching for a family member or lost friend, I would not hesitate in recommending Genealogy Links UK. They are two patient, caring people, who go the extra mile.  Do not even hesitate, they are amazing people.

Dorothy Douglas – Blackpool, UK

 ‘I have been more than happy with the service and lovely letters. I would certainly use your service and recommend you to friends. Thanking you’.

Rita Rayner – West Bromwich, UK

 ‘I would like to thank Leanne and the team for the efficiency and prompt way in which they handled my relative’s estate recently. It concerned a relative I never knew I had. I look forward to receiving my family tree and will definitely be using Genealogy Links UK to research my family further. Thanks again’.

Carol Dodd – Shropshire, UK

 ‘Very pleased with the service. Leanne is friendly, amenable and willing to go that extra mile to reach a conclusion’.

Jacqueline Rogers – Athens, Greece

 ‘Thank you for the work you are doing and well done for showing me the link to my gran’.

Phillip Wibberley – Chesterfield, UK

 ‘Thank you for contacting me regarding the probate matter and for the efficient service you have provided’.

Anne Thomas – Nottingham, UK

 ‘Genealogy Links contacted me concerning a matter of probate. I have found them to be an honest efficient service. They are prompt, efficient and courteous. I intend to use them again’.

Caroline English – Carlisle, UK

 ‘On behalf of my mother, I would like to thank you for all your work, from the initial contact to completion, in connection with the death of my mother’s cousin in December 2012. It is likely that she may not have known anything if it had not been for all the work you carried out. It has brought back a lot of memories for my mum. Thank you again’.

Mike Humphries – New Milton, UK

 ‘I would like to thank you very much for contacting me in the first instance and the way you have handled the winding up of the estate’.

Allan Lewthwaite – Carlisle, UK

 ‘Thank you for your work on my ancestor’s estate. Apart from the money you have cleared up for me what happened to my aunty Mary. We lost touch with her when my dad developed Alzheimer’s and my uncle Jim, Mary’s husband died. At least we now know she has died and was obviously looked after. Thank you for solving this query.’

Janet Houlihan – Southdown, UK

 ‘I would like to take this opportunity to thank you for all the work you have undertaken in order to provide all the people involved with a complete account together with a comprehensive family tree re: the unclaimed estate of my distant relative. I would have no hesitation whatsoever in recommending your services of expertise’.

Lesley Arnold – Chesterfield, UK

 ‘I would like to commend Links UK for the efficient and prompt way the estate was researched especially as there were so many beneficiaries’.

Philip Maddock – Litchfield, UK

 ‘Many thanks for your efficient and comprehensive handling of what proved to be a complex and time consuming project for a very modest estate. Your administration costs must have equated to a very high proportion of your total commission but you did not appear to charge them, which was very considerate. Despite this you very kindly and promptly provided a very lengthy and painstakingly constructed a family tree. I would not hesitate to recommend you to anyone requiring assistance with an estate’.

Denise Corbett – Winchester, UK

 ‘I am amazed at the speed and efficiency with which you sorted out my claim. Thank you’.

Angela Stephens

 ‘In my dealing with Genealogy Links UK in this matter I found you to be most professional and timely. Your efforts are much appreciated and I would have no hesitation to recommend your services to anyone in a similar situation’.

Steve Lowe – Ontario, Canada

 ‘I am very humbled to have received this money from the Genealogy team who have, unknown to me, worked hard to make sure that all the money from my deceased cousin has gone to her surviving relatives and brought her memory back to life. If it hadn’t of been for Genealogy Links UK, then people like myself, would not have been aware of this family member. This is a very sobering occasion and this inheritance has made me aware how easy it is to be lonely and yet have a large extended family. I hope the other beneficiaries will be suitably humbled’.

Glenys Brooke – Orkney, Scotland

 ‘This is the first time I have dealt with a Genealogy company and it has been a pleasure. Although, not a vast estate, Leanne and her colleagues were meticulous in tracking down over 40 heirs scattered between UK, Canada and Singapore. Their diligence was commendable and their accuracy second to none. I may not be rich in monetary terms, but the work undertaken in researching the family tree is worth its weight in gold’.

Clive Coombes – Shrewsbury, UK

 ‘I want to thank you for an amazing Christmas. You have reunited me with family members with whom I had lost touch in 1937. Also for your professional work in tracing an inheritance that we would never have received without your work. You provided that extra help and kindness and went above and beyond your professional work’.

Anne Bright – Ontario, Canada

 ‘I recently had dealings with Genealogy Links UK regarding a small inheritance. They provided an excellent service and were most helpful. I would certainly consider using their services in the future’.

Alex McCabe – Shrewsbury, UK

 ‘I was very impressed by the professional way Genealogy Links works and would recommend them without any hesitation’.

Mrs M Cross – Birkenhead, UK

 ‘I would like to thank you for the speedy and efficient way in which you dealt with the estate of my great aunt’.

Gerry Cook – Shrewsbury, UK

 ‘I would just like to say how grateful I am to this site for the information that I received in 2 days I received a contact address of a living relative that I have been trying to find for 30 years thank you’.

Karen Gaunt – Luton, UK

 ‘Such an amazing service, I know much more about my family history now, going back to the beginning of the last century. Very highly recommended’.

Ian Cross – Rochdale, UK